Farmer Direct Co-operative Ltd.

100% Farmer-Owned


• Co-operatively owned by farmers since July 2002
• One member, one vote
• Member farm families

100% fairDeal

<span class="light">100%</span> fairDeal

• Premium farm gate prices for fairDeal organic crops
• Living wages & safe working conditions for farm workers

100% Organic Business

<span class="light">100%</span> Organic Business

• Promote soil fertility
• Healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people

Our Family Farms
Our Western Canadian co-op members have been stewards of the land for generations. Over 50 of our families have been farming the same land for over a century. The best way to sum up our diverse group of members would be 'inspired by nature'. Our members are dry land farmers and ranchers who were practicing organic techniques before organic certification. They have proved that nature has the solutions to revitalize the soil, water and air back to healthy and resilient ecosystems.
Our Mission
• Support, protect and promote the organic family farm. • Encourage a deeper understanding of the best ecological practices which lead to healthy, stable and resilient ecosystems. • Reinvest surplus back into mother earth through implementing biological systems on our family farms. • Be a leader in creating a social economy. • Establish and maintain direct relationships with ethical customers.
Our Investment
We pledge to continue to develop and implement sustainable, biological systems by encouraging a deeper understanding of the past, a dynamic experience of the present and a passionate vision of a healthy future. Our promise to reinvest in our ecosystems is possible because of long-term fair trading practices with like-minded food manufacturers. In turn, it is the final consumer who shares our ethics and morals who is fuelling fair compensation for our efforts. To establish the trust of consumers our family farms are third party certified to organic and fair trade standards, plus have established their own Best Management Practices. The seal to represent this high bar of holistic farm management is called the fairDeal.