Tremendous Growth

Farmer Direct Co-op is experiencing tremendous growth in the organic food marketplace, with our farmer members’ crops selling to manufacturers of organic food products, incoluding organic brown flax to PROBAR energy bars, organic large green lentils to Amy’s Kitchen soups, organic hulled hempseed to Daily Greens’ nutritional drinks and to Silver Hills Bakery bread, and organic hard red spring wheat to Anita’s Organic Mill.

Our retail brand product line has grown exponentially and our products may now be found in the bulk bins of the following retail stores:

Canada:  British Columbia – Choices Markets, LifeStyle  Markets, Markets on Yates & Millstream, Ingredients Cafe and Store

Alberta – Community Natural foods

Saskatchewan – Old Fashioned Foods

United States:  Whole Food Markets (in all states)

Farmer Direct Co-op also supplies to many organic and natural food distributors;

Canada:  British Columbia:  Horizon Distributors, Canagreen Foods, Discovery Island Organics, JIVA Organics, Left Coast Naturals

Ontario:  Ontario Natural Food Co-op, Lennie Ciglen Distribution Lltd, A & E Fine Foods, and Root Alive

United States:  Edison Grains, Imlakesh Organics, New Organics, Woodland Foods, Garden Spot Distributors and UNFI